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Any roof restoration, repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation comes in handy with Boise Roofers. Our company can work on all sorts of roofing solutions you need. We deliver high-quality services and can provide free estimates/quotes for your project.

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Boise & Treasure Valley Roofing Contractors

our team of roof professionals can help you with

Repairs & Maintenance

Damaged shingles? No problem, we can help you repair and maintain the integrity of your roofing system.


Restoration is an affordable way to keep your roof in a good condition. Boise Roofers can help you restore the original color and its purpose.

Replacement & Installation

We are skilled and fully-equipped professionals who can help you replace a section or install the entire roofing system.


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Why Invest On Your Roof

Aside from remodeling your kitchen, living room, and backyard, roofs are always the ones you need to invest more in. Why? Your roof is your shield against natural elements and disaster. Boise has three seasons every year, each season is different and these changes brought a lot of negative impacts to your roof.

To protect your family against all kinds of disasters, your roofing system should always keep in good condition. It is necessary to maintain your roof to serve its purpose against outside elements. To maintain its integrity, an expert roofer can help you retain its function and durability.

Our office together with our team of roofers can help you restore, maintain, repair, and even install the best materials for your roof. Our company provides boundless quality roof services to ensure that we can give you the best and most accurate result. Our main goal is customer satisfaction!

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New Installation Repair & Maintenance

Why Hire Boise Roofing Professionals

DIY is a fun project, however, when it comes to roof projects it is not something you should consider doing alone. There are many reasons why you should work as a roofing contractor. The primary reason is safety assurance if you want a safe working environment for your family, you should hire a professional to finish the job. There is a number of risks to doing it yourself.

It may be tempted to repair a minor hole in your roof, but a homeowner should consider the risk and do it alone. Hiring a contractor will ensure that everything is working according to the process and the result is error-free. The lack of training might result in more damage to your roof or worst an accident.

Apart from this, a professional roofer has all the necessary equipment and tools in delivering the project. The roof project is not cheap, if you want to save a lot of money it is best to work with a contractor who knows exactly what to do with your problem to guarantee your money's worth. Boise Roofers can help you with your minor repairs or even major installation, we have a team that specializes in roofing services. We offer free quotes with a non-committal to hire us.

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Boise Roofers—Qualified, Bonded, & Licensed Roofing Contractors

Although there are many contractors out there offering roof services, it is best to hire a company that is known in your local area. The right company has to be qualified, bonded, and licensed. A qualified means they have all the necessary certification of professional. A bonded contractor has proven its high-quality services through the years. And licensed, look for a contractor who licensed in that case in the event of accident everything is covered and protected.

Hiring reliable and reputable roofing companies can give you peace of mind your roof is handled by a professional. You don’t have to worry about mishaps and accidents when dealing with your own roof. A service warranty is one of the best a contractor they can offer. Most roofers offer a services warranty to their work, in case you are not satisfied with the result. If you want to make sure that it pays back the money you spend, make sure to work with a qualified, bonded, and licensed contractor such as Boise Roofers.

We have established a good reputation in our area, we make sure that we deliver our services in a stress-free way for our clients/customers. Contact our team to learn more about us.

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Roofing Materials Available In Boise

When it comes to roofing, asphalt shingles are the most common option. Although these shingles can be pricey, they are also relatively easy to install. Despite being cheap, these shingles can be an excellent choice for many homeowners. They are versatile and work exceptionally well on steep-sloped houses. Besides, they are inexpensive and are easy to maintain. However, before deciding on asphalt shingles, it is important to know their pros and cons.

The downside of this material is that they are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but it's also highly durable and relatively easy to repair if something goes wrong. This means that you can afford them without having to worry about the cost of repair and maintenance. To protect your investment, it's important to hire the right roofing company. These professionals will make sure that the shingles are installed properly. Don't go with fly-by-night contractors, though. It's worth the money to get the best service.

Another option is metal. This is a less popular option, but it can last for years. While metals are more expensive than asphalt shingles, they can provide excellent insulation and can look attractive. These materials are available in different colors and styles, making them a great choice for homeowners. Some people don't like the look of metal roofs, but they do have a very long lifespan.

While metals are not as common in Boise, they can be a great option. They're more expensive than asphalt shingles, but with proper installation, they can last for several years. Despite their high price, they're a good choice if you want to add a bit of style to your home. This can also help protect your home from damage, such as hail and snow.

Depending on the material you choose, you can choose from a wide range of colors and styles. While many people don't like this material, however, they can last for a long time with proper installation. If you're interested in metal, make sure you discuss the benefits and disadvantages with a contractor. The downside of metal roofs is that they are often prone to rust.\

Fortunately, with proper installation, they'll last for years. In addition to their low cost, they are also more attractive to some homeowners. Wood shingles are a classic option. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are an excellent option for a historic home. But they have their disadvantages, too. They are labor-intensive and are susceptible to high winds and can transfer solar heat to your home.

Despite their long-lasting properties, wood shingles are also costly and require high maintenance. They can last only thirteen to 15 years and are not as energy-efficient as metal or tile. Wood shingles are a classic option for some homes. They are generally made of cedar shingles and can be installed on any type of home.

As long as you work with a qualified contractor, wood will last for many years. Moreover, they are a great choice for historical homes. For modern homes, these materials are an affordable option. There are different types of wood shingles available in the market.

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